Wineberry (Rubus phoenicolasius)



Wow, that species name is a mouthful!

Wineberries are a type of raspberry.

They're sometimes called wine raspberries.


Native to Japan, China and Korea, wineberries are considered an invasive species in parts of the US where they often grow too readily and displace other plants in the wild.

But the fact remains they are a choice wild edible!



Wineberries grow on a thorny shrub.

The whole plant is covered with reddish hairs and tiny sharp spines. 


You'll see the red hairs on the stems and also on the calyx that encloses the developing berry.

The compound leaves are in groups of three and are sort of heart-shaped. The leaf edges are toothed.

The berries


You may notice that the berry has a hollow cuplike shape.

 Its yellow core was left behind on the plant.

And the taste?  In my opinion, wineberries are better tasting than their cultivated counterparts.  

And I've heard SO many people echo this sentiment !

Where to find them


Wineberries are a familiar sight along wooded trails, field edges and roads.

They even grow in partly shaded areas.

Wineberry season is not all that long, with a window of only a few weeks.

 They reach their peak availability in early summer.   

Nutritional powerhouse


Wineberries and other raspberries are super nutrient-rich, with more antioxidant value than most other fruits.

So, eat em up!!

Freeze em!


When you pick wineberries, choose the reddest ones.  

And if you're lucky and find yourself with an abundance, they freeze really well!

A Fun Wineberry Recipe!


Wineberry Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

OK, this is just a fun, yummy way to enjoy the summer wineberry harvest!

A simple ice cream fold-in!

First, freeze some wineberries.  Just put them in a single layer in a container or dish, and pop them into the freezer.

Then buy some good-quality vanilla ice cream.  Let it sit out for a while until slightly softened.

Now we're just going to gently fold the frozen berries into the softened ice cream, along with some chopped peanut butter cups.  

When it's combined just right, re-freeze.  Then enjoy the flavor of summer whenever you like!!

Simple and soooo delish!

Who doesn't enjoy (need?) a good dessert now and then?  Well this gives it some redeeming nutritional value... in case you need  an excuse.