Foraging / Wild Edibles

Welcome to the World of Wild Edibles!​

Foraging, or the harvesting of wild food, is fun and rewarding. 

Wild edible plants provide superior nutrition.

And foraging satisfies a necessary connection to nature.  It promotes environmental sensitivity and awareness of the natural world.

Get to know a few wild plants.  Discover the world of wild edibles and you'll never look at weeds the same way again!

A Word on Safety

If you are interested in knowing more about foraging edible plants I encourage you to become your own expert. 

 You may learn to positively identify only one plant, but you will be 100% sure of that plant. 

 Purchase a few good field guides. They should include clear, color photographs of the plants.   Check references against each other - compare for consistency and accuracy.

​​​Books and internet sources should always include information on ‘poisonous look-alikes’, if any.   

​DON’T put a plant in your mouth until you are 100% sure of ​it's identity!

A weed is a plant that has mastered 

every survival skill except for ​learning how to ​grow in rows.

​- Doug Larson