Black Raspberry (Rubus occidentalis)

Yummy raspberries!


Antioxidant-rich and delicious, black raspberries are one of our finest wild fruits.

Wild black raspberries are also known as black caps.

They ripen in mid-summer.

The fruit


Black raspberries are round and juicy, about 1/2 inch across.

Each berry consists of a number of small drupelets.

All raspberries have a hollow core. Each one looks like a little cup.

That’s because it left its core behind on the stem.

When ripe the fruit will be purplish-black.

The leaves


 The compound leaves have 3-5 leaflets with serrated edges.

Leaf underside


 The leaves of black raspberry are green above, and pale silvery-white below.

Raspberry stems


The stems, or canes, are round and prickly.

They usually have a whitish or bluish powdery coating which you can easily rub off with your finger. This substance is called a bloom. 



Scientific analysis shows black raspberries are very health protective.

One study describes “astonishingly high” levels of antioxidants. 

Such compounds help prevent cancer, heart disease and hypertension, and protect vision and memory. 

So reach carefully into those thorny brambles and enjoy a taste of good health.