Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)


Dandelons are a great "gateway plant" for beginning foragers!

Most people know what a dandelion looks like, and may even be aware that dandelions can somehow be eaten.

A foragers best friend


I love  dandelions for SO many reasons!

  • They are super nutritious!
  • You can eat the whole plant.
  • They can be found almost year-round.

Eat your greens!


Dandelion leaves (greens)  are very rich in vitamins, minerals and various antioxidants.

In other words, a very healthy food to add to your diet.

The leaves are somewhat bitter, and less so before the plant has flowered.

Some of us enjoy bitter greens. To make dandelion leaves milder, just boil them and discard the water.  They still have a ton on nutritional content!

Use in any recipe that calls for cooked greens (like the yummy quiche above)

Edible flowers!


I love to eat dandelion flowers!

Try one straight from the garden.

Or pick a bunch and fry them up as fritters - - super yummy!!

Waiting to be turned into fritters!


An array of dandelion flower heads... isn't that a pretty pic?

OK, I know... I'm a forager nerd :-)

Just the petals


Dandelion petals can be easliy pulled from the flower heads.  I do this to  whip up my Dandelion Sunshine Smoothies!

Removing the green base  from the petals takes away any hint of bitter flavor.  This gives you a super-nutrient supplement  to your favorite smoothie.  

And that sunshine color!